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frequently asked questions

Why use a Freelance Graphic Designer?
Graphic design in general is all about communication and good design equals good communication which in turn equals good business. By working directly with a designer rather than an account manager it enables clearer discussions which can influence the success of a project. You are dealing with the person wholly responsible for your project from start to finish, so your job specifications don't need to be relayed before action is taken and phone calls and emails go directly to the person working on your project.

What kind of Graphic Designer are you?
My design skills encompass a variety mediums, whether its a small business card or a large poster campaign or a 100-page brochure. I can manage the project for you. I am versatile and can produce any creative work with which you can promote your services or products. I also collaborate with a number of other creative professionals such as photographers, web developers, copywriters, illustrators and video producers and have access to these skills in order to complete any given assignment.

Do you know about my industry?
I have designed for many different clients, businesses and industries. My industry experience ranges from retail, property and healthcare to finance, legal and technology and many more.


How much will it cost?
The cost depends on each individual job. Each company and project requirements are often unique. I can provide specific quotes subject to information provided and quantities or I can work within a particular budget given. For quotations please get in contact

Do we need to meet?
No, not necessarily I communicate by email or phone. I work with local companies as well as businesses throughout the UK and as far afield as USA, Hong Kong and Australia. Artwork files can be transferred over the internet.

Do I need to give you a formal brief?
If you have one that’s great, but it’s not always essential. I can provide general guidelines on briefing if wish. The more background details you provide about your business and your specific project requirements and objectives the better the job will run.

Other questions?
If you’ve got questions that I’ve not answered here, or would like to find out more about how I could help your business please get in contact

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